Using insecticide in our winter wheat seed treatment has provided important early protection for wheat seedings in the fall. Five years ago, we started using STI Customized blended seed treatments through CHS Big Sky. The flexibility has been valuable, especially when grasshopper populations exploded.
Brandon Udelhoven,蒙大拿Winifred的种植者和合作社成员.


Patronage and member equity are fundamental benefits of cooperative ownership.
  • 由合作社决定
    每个合作社都有自己的赞助体系, 由董事会制定,澳门皇冠赌场平台层执行. Regular review of patronage policies ensures they add value for owners and support the cooperative’s business strategies.
  • 认可业务表现


    • 调整后的税前收益
    • 业主业务量
    • 合作惠顾和公平政策
  • 推动了农场主和合作社的增长

    Cooperative decisions about patronage and equity deliver value for owners and fuel long-term cooperative growth. 当合作社董事会计算赞助时, it also determines what portion will be retained as member equity in the organization. That equity is a key source of capital for cooperative maintenance and growth.

  • 提供现金赞助和/或股权

    Cooperatives determine how to distribute patronage and/or equity to owners after the close of each fiscal year. 超过3美元.2 billion has been returned to owners by CHS via patronage and equity over the past 10 years.


Cooperatives bring strength to rural communities by providing jobs, 建设经济稳定和支持地方服务. 通过CHS基金会和社区捐赠项目, CHS is committed to developing the next generation of ag leaders and elevating the CHS values of safety and cooperative spirit.


A commercial driver’s license preparatory class at a Washington high school is giving students new employment possibilities and helping fill a need for drivers. This program and others like it are made possible in part by a CHS 种子s for 澳门皇冠赌场平台 grant.
A teacher standing at the front of a classroom with a whiteboard behind her
庆祝其成立75周年, CHS基金会奖励了75美元,000 in grants to teachers to bolster ag education programs at their respective schools. Learn more about how these teachers are helping to develop the next generation of ag and community leaders.
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CHS基金会已经皇冠hga010安卓二维码了超过2美元.3 million since 2018 to support new and expanding precision agriculture programs at U.S. 大专院校.
CHS support helps cooperatives to offer training and resources that raise awareness about mental health in agriculture.


作为合作社所有者, you are part of an extensive grain origination network that links your farming operation to world markets. And you benefit from a broad-based input system that harnesses the power of cooperative-owned refineries and growing agronomy resources to deliver inputs when and where you need them.
改善基础设施, 从港口到码头, is strengthening the fertilizer supply chain to give farmers a more reliable crop input supply.


Looking for the next right answer is central to the cooperative model. That balance drives cooperatives to look for more efficient ways to do business with an eye to long-term success and value. Cooperative ownership lets you lean on a global network of experts and advocates, 这样你就可以专注于你的生意了.
CHS is optimizing its agronomy fleet to better serve cooperative customers by investing in digital connections to reduce downtime and improve efficiency.
CHS helps producers and fleet operators understand the rapidly changing energy industry as the push to reduce emissions continues.
合作事业, 这是一家5000万美元的风险投资基金,由CHS和Growmark共同创立, has invested in a company developing autonomous tractor technology for row-crop farmers.
随着更严格的环保署排放标准聚焦于碳减排, propane engine technology provides a solution for fleet operators. Learn how a local co-op is helping fleet operators convert to cleaner fuel.
Claim the benefits of co-op ownership; connect with your local cooperative
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